Q. What is ALZCOM?

A. ALZCOM’s website allows caregivers to provide easy reminders for people with Alzheimer’s or other memory issues.

Q. Does it cost money to use ALZCOM?

A. No, ALZCOM is a free to use website.

Q. Where does the name come from?

A. ALZCOM is short for ALZHEIMER’S COMMUNICATION. We want to provide technology that helps caregivers, relatives and friends to better communicate with dependents and loved ones with memory issues such as Alzheimer’s.

Q. How did the idea come about?

A. Please see our About page.

Q. How does privacy work?

A. We have a privacy policy in place (below), provide secure connections via SSL / HTTPS and every user receives a unique web page address to display the reminders they entered on the Control Panel. We strive to keep your data safe and we will not share our data with any third party. We ask for no information about your dependent and use your email address to send the ‘missed reminder’ and ‘device disconnect’ emails.

If you use Skype with auto-answer it will be very important to only allow existing contacts to call your dependent’s Skype account and only allow contacts that you fully trust. These trusted contacts could use Skype and the camera on the computer at any time.

Q. Who can see the dependent monitor?

A. Only people who have your unique web page address. We strongly encourage you to not share this web address with anybody else.


You should have a separate and dedicated monitor for your dependent. This can be any device connected to the Internet running a web browser.

Q. Do you recommend a specific operating system or computer?

A. Yes. We prefer touchscreen Android devices with our Alzcom Calendar app. These are available in sizes from 7 inch countertop dwellers to 20+ inch wall hangers. These Android devices come with a number of advantages:

  • They are inexpensive.
  • They allow auto-start of applications – this means a simple power cycle will fix most problems and bring-up your monitor and its reminders and also start Skype.
  • Skype on Android allows auto-answer and automatically moves to the foreground when you call to the background when the call is finished – prioritizing the reminders for your dependent.

Microsoft Windows is the most flexible platform that allows remote management but it is also the most complex operating system and is most difficult to configure. We have successfully tested all versions from Windows XP to Windows 10

Apple iPads (iOS) provide only a relatively small screen and do not allow Skype with auto-answer. They also do not have auto-start for applications. This means you must interact with the iPad if there is a problem, a simple power restart will not resolve the issue. It can be a good solution if you live in the same household as your dependent.

Q. I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I email?

A. We are just a small team and have limited resources to provide technical help. We will respond to contact form (below) messages or email to as quickly as possible. We will keep these FAQ updated. Future plans include a user forum.

Q. My iPad does not play the reminder melody.

A. Apple tablet browsers will not allow music to play unless the user performs an overt action (presses a button, etc.). We have found that using a kiosk app like Kiosk Pro or Pro Lite will allow all the features of our web site to work on your iPad. A Kiosk app is an application that only allows specific webpages to be displayed (like in public computer kiosks hence the name).

Q. My ‘missed reminder’ and ‘device disconnect’ emails are delayed or missing.

A. Your Internet Service Provider is flagging our emails as spam or blocking our emails. Check your ‘Junk Mail’ area. Please whitelist/allow email from Alzcom.