We developed this site to act as a calendar and deliver reminders to people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s.

The basic idea is simple: you control the reminders on a web browser screen (we call it the “monitor”) at the home of your dependent. All the dependent has to do is to acknowledge the reminders by pressing a button (on a touchscreen computer) or the Enter/Space button on a keyboard. See a working monitor here.

To see the devices you can use as a monitor… Go here.

You can manage your reminders after signing up for free on our website. You will also automatically receive emails if your dependent does not acknowledge a reminder or if their monitor gets disconnected.

Think of this site as two separate places. Alzcom.com is where you enter and change reminders and change the look of your reminder device, from anywhere, on any machine with a browser.

The monitor is where the dependent gets the reminders you entered. You do not have to enter the reminders from the dependents machine. In fact we recommend that the monitor be locked to the monitor page.

Changes you make will appear on the monitor within two minutes.

For video conferencing we are currently using and recommending Skype (www.skype.com). Skype is available for basically all operating systems - mobile and desktop - and it provides a key feature: auto-answer. This means you can call and you will have an automatic connection with your dependent. No action is required on the dependents part - you control the call.

We are working hard to make things as simple as possible and we have developed an app for Android devices to facilitate the setup of a dependent monitor. In the meantime please visit our FAQ page for some recommendations and installation tips.

Please note that we do not require or store any information about your dependent. We only require an email address from you so we can alert you when a reminder is missed or the monitor internet connection changes.

We appreciate your feedback. Please use our contact form to report problems or make suggestions.